Christy Garland

Christy Garland is an independent filmmaker living and working in Toronto. Blind Spot is her first dramatic short film. Her other credits include the experimental short film Sports Figure, and the short video documentary My Own Protection and Super 8, 16mm and slide projections for the 1997 mixed media theatre piece Recent Experiences, directed by Nadia Ross and Jacob Wren. Her work has been screened by CBC, the CFMDC’s Pleasure Dome series, and the Women’s Television Network. She’s shooting another short (Time Flies) in the fall of 99 and is developing a feature screenplay entitled Magnifying the Sun.
Blind Spot-1998
16mm film /colour 14 min.

Recent Experiences-1997
Multiple/Simultaneous Super 8, 16mm
and slide projections for theatre1 hr.

P.S.A. for London Food Bank-1997
16mm film > T.V. 30 seconds

Sports Figure-1992
16mm film/colour 12:00

My Own Protection-1991
Video 12:00

The Dream Swing-1990
Video 6:00

Artist Code: 290


My Own Protection

1991, 12:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

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