Andrew Hull

Andrew Hull was a Canadian film-maker / director whose work grew from his own experiences living in various parts of Canada and the US, Paris, Berlin, Dessau and London.

Andrew began his film-making career after winning a prestigious international Architecture Award in 1989 given by the American Institute of Architects while studying at Carleton University in Ottawa. His winning design consisted of a stadium structure based on the shape of stacked film reels that housed a punk rock bar, skateboarding park and motorcycle race track. While working as an architect in Paris in 1991, he was invited to the Bauhaus in Germany to make a film about the closing of a major model project of social utopianism, the Kulturpalast Bitterfeld. The project lead to him staying in Germany for several years. His experiences living in Dessau and subsequently Berlin, were instrumental in forming his approach to film-making. While in Germany he taught at the Bauhaus and made several experimental short videos that explored the strained social and political transformations taking place in the country at that time.

Andrew returned to Canada in 1996 and began making films with a confident narrative structure. In this new phase of his work, Andrew turned to beauty, poetry and black humour to tell stories of hope, loss and coming of age. With the support of the Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and The Canada Council for the Arts, he wrote and directed several short films and completed the Director's Program at the Canadian Film Centre in 2004. His films from this period,
Dizzy (Winner of Best Short, Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2003), That Thing We Do (Winner of Best Short, Tampa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2004), Squeezebox and Rewind toured at film festivals across the globe. In 2008 Andrew re-located to London UK to be with his life partner, artist Shaan Syed. Shortly before his death he saw the completion of his first feature, Siren; a psychological thriller produced by UK Poisson Rouge Pictures, and co-written with screen-writer Geoffrey Gunn. His short films are also distributed by CFMDC in Toronto.

Andrew Hull died after a fall from his bicycle on his way home with his partner on May 8th 2010, in London UK.

Artist Code: 312



2007, 05:00 minutes, colour, English


1999, 19:00 minutes, colour, English


1998, 04:26 minutes, colour, German with Eng. Subtitles


1996, 43:00 minutes, colour, German with Eng. Subtitles

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

1993, 56:00 minutes, colour, German