David Blair

Mr. Blair has worked in video since 1980. He spent several years in the video industry before leaving to work at Film/Video Arts (F/VA), a publicly funded media access center in New York City. There, he was able to finish several short works before turning to "Wax..." in 1985. This particular project had begun in 1981, as a graphic work combining drawings and stock footage. Hard work and funding allowed the project to expand from 3 minutes to feature length by 1987. Mr. Blair, who is self-taught, is responsible for the planning and execution of most elements of the production. Many of the editing, video and computer graphic design, and production management skills necessary for the completion of the project have been acquired during its six year production period.

Artist Code: 376


WAX Or The Discovery Of Television Among The Bees

1991, 85:00 minutes, colour/B&W, English

The Reverse Of Deja-vu On Television With Slight Delay

1986, 08:30 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Review for: "WAX of the discovery of television among the bees"
by Paul Di Filippo. Science Fiction Eye, June Spring 1992, no. 10.