Lin Gibson

Lin Gibson divides her time between Toronto where she works in the film and television industry, and Winnipeg where she doesn't. She wasted five years at the University of Manitoba and quit the Department of Graduate Studies shortly before being thrown out. She was a founding member of the Winnipeg Women's Liberation Group in 1969 and is interested in all issues concerning women, children, peace and third world peoples. She has no 'hobbies', and prefers to spend her time reading, drinking coffee and wine with her friends, and playing with her daughter Simone. Her only professional ambition is to go someplace quiet and translate the works of her favourite authors from Spanish and French into English. So far none of these authors have asked her to do it but she remains optimistic.

Artist Code: 381


Waiting For Simone

1988, 12:15 minutes, colour, English

Architecture of Memory

1988, 21:40 minutes, colour, English