Maria Beatty

Maria Beatty's movies reveal the previously hard-to-find fantasies of bondage, spanking, tickling, sensual teasing, and more...the most intimate acts of submission! Fetishwear, bootworship, medical play are all dramatically explored. Unlike other films of this kind, Maria Beatty's films are produced and directed by someone with an insider's (perspective) understanding. Maria is a legend in the S/M field (as a performance artist and) a lifestyle submissive for many years. Not only an astute observer of the cultural aspects of the fetish world, Beatty's artistry as a filmmaker sets new standards of quality. Her unique vision covers ground explored by artists as varied as Andy Warhol, Werner Fassbinder, Irving Klaw, and Betty Page--but presents it more explicitly and daringly. The high art quality of the films is a dramatic contrast to the (frequently) sometimes shocking images she reveals... Finally, you can see it--fetish has been released from the underground.

Artist Code: 389


A Lot of Fun for the Evil One

1994, 18:20 minutes, colour, English

Elegant Spanking

1994, 30:00 minutes, colour

Sphinxes without Secrets

1991, 60:00 minutes, colour, English

Gang Of Souls

1989, 58:00 minutes, colour, English