Neesha Dosanjh

Neesha Dosanjh was born a Libra in Punjab, India. At the age of 5 she moved with her family to Toronto, Canada where she recently completed an undergraduate degree in Media Arts.
Neesha is the founder and editor of SamiYoni , a journal for Lesbians of South Asian descent. She uses creativity as a healing force in her life, pushing her beyond external as well as psychic barriers. Neesha struggles, through her work, to define and express her place in the world as a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, as a woman, a Lesbian and as South Asian.
Her first film, Beyond/Body/Memory, and her most recent work, Is It Safe to Come Out Yet? are both in active circulation.
Neesha is currently writing and directing a pilot tv program about Asians in Canada.

Artist Code: 390


is it safe to come out yet?

1994, 21:00 minutes, colour


1993, 05:00 minutes, colour

Critical Writing

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