Kevin Walkes

Kevin Walkes is expansive, warm and engaging and so is his painting. He completely refutes the myth of the morose artist. (He is known to sing and move as he paints.) His work, primarily oil and acrylic on canvas, is in the tradition of abstract expressionism, but is more "lyrical" and "psychological" and not obviously derivative. Drawing heavily from personal experiences - conversations, stories, gestures and incidents. He is influenced by film technology: his paintings generate "plot situation or freeze frames: of life experiences as revealed by the interplay of colour and suggested form. His film influence is also shown by his work in video. It is a mark of Walkes' shill that a historically older trend becomes fresh and convincing. He is an artist to watch, if for nothing more that the depth of his emotional commitment to his work. He calls it "sanctuary".
Case Caulfield, VOX Magazine, Mar.91
Kevin graduated from the drawing faculty of the Alberta College of Art in April of 1991. He is currently a living, breathing, working artist who is mutually establishing a reputation as a lyrical abstractionist and a film and video artist.

Artist Code: 437



1995, 04:00 minutes, colour, English

About Her

1992, 10:15 minutes, colour, English