Zero Love

Zero Love was originally formed in Calgary by Ryan Wagner, Kyle Wagner and Don Stein as Ground Zero in 1982. As Ground Zero they produced four videos, including the award winning Ground Zero II (1983); three poly-media performances including Trash Limbo, Avante Garbage (1984) and Ernie, Alive and Still Kicking (1984); and one interactive video installation, Q. Q. A. (1983).

At the end of 1984, Don Stein moved to Japan and formed
The Industrial Opera, Ryan and Kyle Wagner moved to Toronto, teamed up with Kevin O'Neill and formed Zero Love. As Zero Love they produced the installation/performance Torture A Go Go: The Sleepwalker's Opera (1985); and the video This Little Piggy: Popular EconoMix (1989), winner of the Bronze Award for Documentary: Social/Economic issues at the 1989 Houston International Film Festival.

Zero Love seeks to explore, analyse and define the history, vocabulary, icons and value systems of the market culture in an attempt to regard it as only one of a wide range of choices for social and economic organisation.

Artist Code: 859


This Little Piggy. Popular Economix

1989, 14:00 minutes, colour/B&W, English