Carole Beaulieu

The Banff Centre Community Residency in Winter 1993, brought together a group of 40 artists whose work and prespective had in common a relationship to social and community issues. The artists were involved in four different projects: Second Decade: AIDS, Community and Television; Pauktuutit: a pan-arctic Inuit Women's collective dealing with social issues: A New Generation an Old Culture: Japanese-Canadian artists dealing with notiions of heritage, culture and identity and Mekarôn: a collective of visual artists addressing issues of langauge and communication in an inter-ethnic context. Mekarôn compilation represents the 8 short pieces produced by the collective.
Terra, 7:30, 1992. Carole Beaulieu has produced a number of public art projects ranging from graffiti to integration of art and architecture. She worked on the conception and development of the Nitassinan mural in Montréal and the Great Whale mural. She was part of the Great Whale Artists Project, a collective of ten artists who visited Whapmagoostui in the summer of 1991. The group toured exhibitions in support of the James Bay Cree's position against the Hydro Québec project. She was on the editorial team for Semiotext Canada and worked as administrator of Articlure for seven years.

Artist Code: 894


Mekarôn Compilation

1993, 37:48 minutes, colour/B&W