Kem Murch

Kem Murch has been working in the field of video and film production, print and curriculum development for over two decades. The majority of her work has been centered around innovative educational programming in areas of First Nations peoples, health and healing, social issues, family violence and equity issues, and multiculturalism.

Her work has been recognized internationally at film festivals, educational conferences and at all levels of the public and private sectors. Her films and videos have received recognition at the Native American Film Festival, Dreamspeakers Festival, Red Earth Festival, World the American Film Festival, Canadian Film and Television Association, West Berlin Film Festival, the U.S. Industrial Film Festival, and by the Canada Council, to name a few. Her earlier work has been officially archived by the National Gallery in Ottawa.

Artist Code: 548


The Fleck Women

1978, 24:03 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

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by Christine Conley. Fuse, Fall 1989, v. 13, no. 1 & 2.
Breaking Through: Conscience and the Status Quo
by Renee Baert. Breaking Through: Conscience and the Status Quo, 1985. Toronto: A Space/ Vtape/ The Toronto Arts Council, 1985.