Cathy Sisler

Cathy Sisler (1956 - 2021) was born in Neenah, Wisconsin, United States. She moved with family to Ontario in 1965. She started writing and playing music in London, Ontario, then moved to Toronto, where she played in bands for ten years and studied painting at the Ontario College of Art & Design. She moved to Montreal in 1992, where she received an MFA from Concordia University and began a career as a video artist, performance artist, writer, and teacher. Her video The Better Me (1995) was acquired for the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada in 1998. Cathy worked as a sessional instructor at the University of Western Ontario in London and resided in rural Ontario until the end of her life.

Artist Code: 513


Lullaby for the Almost Falling Woman

1996, 21:30 minutes, colour, English


1996, 20:00 minutes, colour, English

The Better Me

1995, 20:00 minutes, colour, English

Aberrant Public Speaking

1994, 18:00 minutes, colour, English

Mr. B.

1994, 07:00 minutes, colour, English

Aberrant Motion #4 (Face Story, Stagger Stories)

1993, 14:31 minutes, colour, English

Aberrant Motion #3

1993, 09:36 minutes, colour, English

Aberrant Motion #2

1993, 10:32 minutes, colour, English

Aberrant Motion #1

1993, 10:42 minutes, colour, English

In Storms

1992, 08:00 minutes, colour, English

Sister Dream

1992, 09:48 minutes, colour, English


1992, 09:00 minutes, colour, English

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