Kenneth Hemmerick

Kenneth Hemmerick is a Fine Arts student at Concordia University, where he is majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. In September, 1996, he will be entering his final year and is looking forward to continuing his multi-disciplinary creative activities.
He has exhibited his visual art work at various venues within Concordia University. His classical, electro-acoustic and contemporary music has been performed at the Loyola Concert Hall and other locations in Montreal.
In 1995, he began to experiment with video. That year, he produced nine videos at home using multiple VCR's for editing. In the autumn of 1995, he began the formal study of video production with Luc Bourdon. He also studied video history and theory with Nelson Henricks. His video, Je suis blue: like a cloud in the sky, was selected to represent Quebec in the Ici Video Quebec exhibit at Video In Studios in Vancouver Canada.
As a multi-cultural queer person (Mulatto and Jewish) his video and visual art work represents his concerns as they relate to Queer, Feminist, and Post-colonial theories. His striking images often use irony and parody to bring to the viewer's attention a personal perspective which transcends sexual orientation, creed and race.
Musically speaking, Kenneth has had an interesting and eclectic background, from writing the music scores for TV movies and documentaries to playing viola with the Montreal Junior Symphony in Switzerland in 1970, to his applying to Buckminster Fuller's geometry, Synergetics, top tuning systems in music. Fuller, in a letter to him, stated, "You have discovered the mathematical co-ordination of omnidirectional wave propagative phenomenon."
Kenneth was the executive director of the British Columbia Humane Education Society, where he developed an elementary school curriculum which enables teachers to develop in their students a respect for all life. This curriculum was approved and funded partially by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. With his work, a five-volume Anthology of Humane Education Materials was sent to over 300 elementary schools in the province of British Columbia.
He has also developed a volunteer operated pet therapy program for seniors called Pets and Friends in Vancouver, Canada. He recruited, trained and coordinated over 80 volunteers. In 1986, he was awarded the British Columbia Society for the Protection of Animals - Merit Award for his outstanding contribution to animals and people.
His creative plan for the future is to continue his multi-media explorations in addition to furthering another area of interest, synaesthesia or poly-modal sense perception.
Kenneth lives with his life companion, Harry Turnbull and cat FLIP. He is the father of two sons, Seth and Eytan.

Artist Code: 508



1996, 09:15 minutes, colour

Je Suis Blue: Like a Cloud in the Sky

1996, 06:00 minutes, colour