Alex Bulmer

Alex Bulmer is an actor, teacher and writer in Toronto. She has spent several years working in theatre as a professional actor and a teacher of voice to young performers. Alex also has worked in television as a writer and editorial assistant. In her late twenties Alex battled with a degenerative eye condition that was slowly robbing her of her sight. A sound designer in town connected with her to create a sound composition about blindness and space. This inspired her to write more about her experience of loss and she pursued filmmaking as a focus for her story. Her reflections on seeing and perception have been work shopped for the stage, produced on radio and shown on video in this piece entitled BEAUTY. In the coming year Alex will direct and write two new pieces of work for the stage and cinema.

I had no other ambition other than to be an actor. In my early adult life I was diagnosed with a blinding genetic condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. It is not the physical loss of sight that drives my artistic investigation into seeing and not seeing, it is the shattering changes of heart, perception and desire. What was once totally clear and in place is now up for deeper consideration. If all else fails a really good laugh and embarrassing bodily function is the true essence of life.

Artist Code: 589


NOB: Services For the Blind

2003, 04:30 minutes, colour, English


1998, 12:00 minutes, colour