Jason Brown

Jason J. Brown, born in Scarborough Ontario of Jamaican parents, has been working in mixed media for many years, shooting and editing video commissions, and creating video installations for public events. He has also taught video workshops to adults and kids at places such as Upper Canada College, Toronto French School, and Regent Park. His animated films have been shown at several festivals, including Rendezvous With Madness, Hamilton Photophobia Festival, Toronto Digital Image Festival, and behind the scenes at SIGGRAPH 99 and SIGGRAPH 2000 and the Female Eye Film Festival.  Now the artist balances his video output between narrative computer animation and non-narrative ambient installation art.

Artist Code: 622


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife

2008, 22:00 minutes, colour, English

Letter to Liza

2006, 07:00 minutes, colour, English

The Broken Rail

2001, 15:00 minutes, colour, English

The High King

1999, 11:00 minutes, colour, English

The Pool of Tears

1998, 11:04 minutes

The Ship of Broken Dreams

1998, 06:00 minutes, colour, English text

Flight 666: Red Eye To Earth

1998, 03:04 minutes, colour, English