Eve Luckring

Eve Luckring’s work takes form in video, sound, photography, poetry, and installation. It questions the assumptions-- and experiments with the boundaries -- that define place, body, and habit. Her approach varies: sometimes she emphasizes a visceral experience that underscores how we mediate meaning through our bodies, while other times she points to the complexity of positioning ourselves socially within the dynamics of diverse systems including economics, militarism, ecology, pornography, intimacy, and language. Her recent work translates traditional Japanese poetic forms into the visual realm to investigate how the psychological intersects with what is perceived to be external to the self.

Luckring’s videos and installations have been exhibited internationally in traditional art venues (RedCat and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Lance Fung Gallery, New York; European Media Arts Festival, Germany; Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA, Surrey Art Gallery, Vancouver) as well as in public spaces (Ekaterinburg, Russia; Sante Fe, New Mexico; Shanghai, China). Site-specific projects have addressed the social mechanisms at play in places such as porn shops, institutional community rooms, elevators, and nightclubs. Luckring received a B.A. from the University of Delaware and a M.F.A. from UCLA.

Artist Code: 633



1998, 08:30 minutes, colour, English