Banff Centre for the Arts - Indigenous Arts Program

The Banff Centre for the Arts is a place for artists. Dedicated to lifelong learning and professional career development in the arts, the year-round continuing education facility serves as a site and catalyst for creative activity and experience. The Banff Centre is Canada's leading institution for experienced artists and managers seeking professional development.

Artist Code: 2031


Throw Away Kids

2000, 46:00 minutes, colour, English

Light & Shadow (Chinook Winds 1997)

1998, 29:20 minutes, colour, English

Misabi (Chinook Winds 1997)

1997, 15:03 minutes, colour, English

Seeing Voices (Chinook Winds 1997)

1997, 16:43 minutes, colour, English

Shaman's Journey (Chinook Winds 1997)

1997, 23:09 minutes, colour, English

Chinook Winds 1996: The First Aboriginal Dance Project

1997, 27:00 minutes, colour, English

Ladies Shorts

1995, 08:52 minutes, colour, English

Ladies Shorts Tape 2

1995, 39:20 minutes, colour, English

Ladies Shorts Tape 1

1995, 84:10 minutes, colour, English