Jack Dempsey

Dr. Jack Dempsey (b. 1955) is an American-born writer, editor and historian of Native and Early American cultures (Brown University Ph.D.), living just north of Boston, Massachusetts. He has published four well-reviewed books in these fields including "New English Canaan by Thomas Morton of Merrymount: Text, Notes, Biography and Criticism" (Scituate, MA: Digital Scanning 2000), and "Mystic Fiasco: How the Indians Won The Pequot War" (2004: Rev. Ed. 2010). He has also worked closely with Native Northeastern Americans on his two documentary films, "Thomas Morton" (1994, self-distributed) and "Nani: A Native New England Story" (1998: V-Tape). Most recently, Dempsey is working towards a feature film about New England's foundational history with the script "Merrymount: A True Adventure Comedy".

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NANI: A Native New England Story

1998, 60:00 minutes, colour, English