Beatrice Medicine

Beatrice Medicine (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) Professor Medicine is the Distinguished Stanley Knowles Research Professor in Anthropology and Native Studies at Brandon University and Professor Emeritus in Anthropology at the California State University in Northridge. She is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology and a member of a number of professional societies, including the American Anthropological Association, Association for Feminist Anthropology, Museum Anthropology, Canadian Anthropology Association and the National Congress of American Indians; and she is a Board Member of the International Council of Women's Health Issues. She is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award of the American Anthropological Association, the Malinwski Award of the Society for Applied Anthropology, the Outstanding Minority Research Award of the American Education Research Association and the Ohana Award of the American Counseling Association, among other recognition's of her contributions in anthropology. She is the author of two books on indigenous women and more than 75 articles on bilingual education, gender studies, native education, alcoholism and sobriety studies, and ethnohistory. Professor Medicine's principal research interests are gender studies, aging, art, mental health issues and socialization of children.

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Seeking the Spirit: Plains Indians in Russia

1997, 27:30 minutes, colour, English, Russian, Lithuanian

Critical Writing

Seeking the spirit
by Unknown. University Affairs, Feb. 1999.