Sarah Peebles

Sarah Peebles is a Toronto-based composer, improviser and installation artist. Her approaches to sound-based art include gathering and transforming found sounds for live performance, radio music and multi-channel contexts using laptop and resonant objects; incorporating acoustic and digitally processed shō (笙 – the Japanese mouth-organ) in improvised performances, compositions and media works; and, creating integrated-media works involving native bees, wasps and pollination ecology.
Ongoing work since 2006 includes collaborations with artists and bee biologists on a series of integrated media installations, community outreach projects and web site, which focuses on local pollination ecology and native bees, collectively titled "Resonating Bodies" ( RB installations highlight the act of observation as an immersive, multi-sensory experience while illuminating essential information about native bees, habitat and co-evolution.
Peebles' activities have included music for dance, multi-channel sound, radio, video/film, performance art, integrated media, sound installation and improvised performance. Venues and producers include The Kitchen, SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater Evening, Festival L'Espace du Son (Belgium), Xebec and Studio Kinshicho (Japan), Societé pour des Arts Technologiques, Gesù (Montreal), WADE festival, Continuum for soundaXis festival, Night Swim for Nuit Blanche-Toronto, Southern Theatre (MN), New Adventures in Sound Art (The Banff Centre and Toronto), Open Ears Festival, The Tree Museum, The Adelaide Festival of Arts-The Listening Room (ABC), Subtle Technologies, The McCluen Festival of the Future, CCA (Glasgow), The Music Gallery, InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre (Toronto), Deutchland Radio, BBC3, Radio-Canada, Radio New Zealand and The Physics Room, among others. Her music is available on Cycling '74, innova Recordings, Spool, Post-Concrète, and and others.

Artist Code: 675


108 - Walking Through Tokyo

2018, 50:35 minutes, colour, Stereo soundscape

If You Catch A Bird: Receive-Hover-Go

1998, 09:16 minutes, colour

Kaladar Kodex

1998, 10:40 minutes, colour

Slow Life

1997, 05:38 minutes, B&W