Don Alexander

Don Alexander has experienced the evolution of the TV/Video medium beginning in black and white pre-videotape days in 1955. Since 1980 he has produced numerous documentaries for nonprofit organizations and in the past fifteen years has been independently producing video art melding 'old time' remembrances with contemporary video production methods.
"In my story telling I can express myself with a palette of subjects and devices that range over forty-five years, from a time when all effects were manual in low resolution black and white to the present day digital effects. In the 1950s we were inventing the TV form, dictated by technical facilities. I have always been interested in watching and experiencing the way in which technology changes our storytelling styles and pace.
Don Alexander has used documentary for empowerment of community groups and their interests. Recently his documentary and shorter works have embraced a more personal video art form.

Artist Code: 679


Lexi - Con

1999, 04:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Big-Box Knockout: Community vs. Consumerism
by Sherri Telenko. Fuse, Spring 1997, v. 21, no. 2.
Takin' it to the Screen: Social Activism on Video: Big-Box...
by Sherri Telenko. id magazine, June 12, 1997.