Gisèle Gordon

Director/Producer Gisèle Gordon has directed several short documentaries, including Girls with Opinions, and Sugar, and co-directed the experimental short Group of 7 Inches with Kent Monkman. The Tunguska Project is her first feature-length documentary.

Urban Nation is a partnership between Gisèle Gordon and Cree visual artist and filmmaker Kent Monkman. They have been collaborating for over a decade, producing such award-winning works as
A Nation is Coming and Blood River.

Artist Code: 636



2010, 05:41 minutes, colour, English

Robin's Hood

2007, 05:53 minutes, colour

Shooting Geronimo

2007, 11:11 minutes, Sepia Version, English

Group of Seven Inches

2005, 07:35 minutes, colour, English

The Tunguska Project

2005, 82:32 minutes, colour, English/Cree

Girls With Opinions

2001, 03:30 minutes, colour