Tina Bastajian

Tina Bastajian is a film/new media artist, researcher and archival dramaturgist born in Los Angeles and raised as a filmmaker in San Francisco. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis). In tandem she is working in praxis and theory to chart and interrogate subjective mapping tendencies in locative media practices that evoke and reconfigure themselves as potential geo-cinematic constellations. This is further explored in her interactive documentary work, Coffee Deposits:Topologies of Chance (2010) that extends to locative "post-script" scripts via QR code and geo-cachingtactics. Themes of the fragment, translation, and the trace are also intrinsic to her work within experimental, exilic and diasporan film.

Other aspects of her research have focused on strategies of documentation, preservation and re-presentation of historical performative film works (Expanded Cinema). These themes informed her Master’s research, which re-traced the Amsterdam underground film venue and movement Electric Cinema (circa 1969-1975) through a series of interviews, texts, curated programs (International Film Festival Rotterdam, Electric Cinema ReDux) and its subsequent documentation of performances by VALIE EXPORT, Jos Schoffelen and Malcolm Le Grice. She has been published in diverse journals and most recently in the book, “Film” ['”kju:bik film”], by Amsterdam University Press, 2010.

Her work has been shown at festivals, galleries and museums including: IDFA, San Francisco International Film Festival; YYZ Gallery, Toronto; CinemaEast NYC; Smart Project Space gallery, Amsterdam; the Pompidou Centre, Paris; the Museum of Flying, Los Angeles and De Filmhuis in Den Haag.

Artist Code: 167


Jagadakeer...between the near and the east

2001, 19:00 minutes, colour/B&W, English, Armenian, Turkish, Arabic, with English subtitles