Hilda Rasula

Hilda Rasula is a freelance picture editor based in Los Angeles. Over the past 10 years she has worked in the Canadian film and television industry on more than 20 productions, including many award-winning films. After nearly two decades abroad, Hilda returned in 2009 to her native Los Angeles, where she was raised on a diet of black & white movies in the offbeat environs of Echo Park.

A deep and honest passion for storytelling has been the driving force behind Hilda's editing work. After studying in the competitive Film Production program at Toronto's York University, she received an intensive education in documentary filmmaking while an assistant editor to the eminent Michèle Hozer. During this time she worked on some of Canada's most acclaimed films in the genre. Hilda has since then cut in a variety of styles, ranging from political histories to cinéma vérité, and is noted for her insight into character and aptitude for story editing. She has continued to hone her craft, most recently in collaboration with director/producer Daniel Gelfant, which has resulted in two Gemini Award-winning television series.

Hilda's editing practice is informed by many influences, including interests in psychology, music, narrative theory and experimental film & video art. After working recently in post production on the upcoming feature film, The Rum Diary, she plans to sharpen her storytelling talents with more drama and docudrama work in the coming year.

Artist Code: 852


He's Got the Power

2004, 02:34 minutes, B&W, English


2003, 02:02 minutes, colour, English

Old Movie

2001, 08:30 minutes, B & W, english


2000, 08:40 minutes, colour