Julio Soto

I have a long and fruitful exerience of more than 10 years as a fine-arts painter. For over seven years I have ben combining this knowledge with my fascination for film and video art in order to achieve a very personal and unique language. I have been exposed to many art currents and different art disciplines in several European countries in which I lived for long periods of time including: Spain, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. I currently live in New York.

My artistry has played a key role in commercial projects for Propaganda films, Bates USA, Grey Advertising, Ogylvy and FCB. My personal art work has been exhibited internationally in Spain, US, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Romania and Sweden.

Artist Code: 047


The Possibility of Utopia

2004, 17:10 minutes, colour, English

Invisible Cities

2002, 06:13 minutes, colour, English