Jillian Mcdonald

Jillian Mcdonald is a Canadian performance and media artist, transplanted in New York. Her web projects include Things are Okay and Home Like No Place which have been produced in residency at Trinity Square Video in Toronto and La Chambre Blanche Gallery in Quebec City. Home Like No Place was featured at La Biennale de Montreal 2002. These projects have been shown on Kanonmedia (Vienna), Emmedia (Calgary), Hive Projects (Toronto), Rhizome (New York), Javamuseum; DIAN (Germany), the Web Biennial in Istanbul; the Irish Museum of Modern Art's Net.Art Open, and S@lon (Mexico). Ivy League is part of StudioXX's Virtual Garden project in Montreal, and Advice Lounge was launched with Videographe and Vitamin B at FCMM in Montreal this part October. She has recieved a Canada Council for the Arts Grant for the creation of four new multimedia projects in 2003.

Mcdonald's past videos have been screened recently in VideominutoPopTV in Firenze Italy; Exquisite Corpse: Little Sins, at White Box in NYC; Second Sight a curated alumn i show at Hunter College Times Square Gallery; Truckfood and Unpacked, two exhibitions about food in NYC moving trucks and meatlockers; Straylight, an online exhibition from Dublin; The Arizona State University Galler: Video Marathon and Park It! at Art in General in NYC; and American Sandwich at Star 67 Gallery in Brooklyn. Live in Infamy, an animation, was part of Transmedia 2002, a site specific program for a Toronto LED board.

Mcdonald has an ongoing body of performacne work titled In the Public Eye. Several performance projects have been installed in different cities: including Ready to Play, a sidewalk game performance in Ottawa and Queens, NY; Tailor Made, a tailoring performance in Montreal and Toronto; Shampoo, a hairwashing performance for hair salons in Winnepeg and Toronto; and Borrowed Objects in New York City and upcoming in Ottawa. She performed Houseplant, a houseplant adoption service, all summer long in New York, and a series of temporary tattoo performances in Kitchener, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Upcoming, Mile Share in Canadian cities Kitchener and Regina.

Mcdonald teaches Computer Art at Pace University where she co-curates the Pace Digital Gallery.

Artist Code: 698


Me and Billy Bob

2002, 07:30 minutes, colour, English

Live in Infamy

2002, 00:15 minutes, colour

American Sandwich

2001, 03:12 minutes, colour, English

In (328) Other Words

2000, 03:00 minutes, Colour, English

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