Zarah Laszlo

The director was born in 1977 in Victoria, British Columbia in an architectronic house her father had built in the middle of the woods. Her youth was followed by repeated familial suicides and many a strange thing. Zarah grew up in Winnipeg but attended University in BC, taking Fine Arts at UBC and then going to the Vancouver Film School, subsequently receiving a diploma in computer animation. She then moved back to Winnipeg and completed a degree in film. Zarah takes a postmodern view, wanting to circumscribe traditional notions of art, women and modern living and working constructions.

Zarah Laszlo now makes films, videos and animations about ennui, darkness and architecture. Not to mention unrequited love.

Artist Code: 699


A Girl on the 22nd Floor Dreams of a Circus

2007, 09:30 minutes, colour, English

Suitcases for the Invisible

2004, 17:20 minutes, Colour, English


2003, 06:20 minutes, Colour, English

The Flight

2001, 10:00 minutes, Colour, English