Tijuana Layne

As a young performer aged 10 Ms. Layne has dedicated her life to acting and the creating of film.

Classically trained as an actor and dancer, her experiences has led primarily to filmmaking. First working as a teenager in a Young People's Programming for PBS on bullying and dating violence. Tijuana has worked in Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Vancouver and now Toronto, which led Ms. Layne working with Penelope Ann Miller in The Mary Kay Letourneau Story.

In 2004, Ms. Layne founded her own film production company Three Eagles Productions. Ms. Layne is producing, acting and writing works of social significance. Through her production company, she has written 3 screenplays:

Swimming in Vanilla Dreams:
Set in 2051 a story of racism in the future.

Blind Embrace:
A provocative raw account of a mixed black heritage woman's struggle to overcome a psychological and emotionally abusive relationship.

Sad Eyes:
A story of biracial woman caught between grief, love and the brutality of the human trafficking trade.

Through all these stories, Tijuana tells the experiences of biracial women through film. Her unique vision and way of telling the story brings a fresh perspective to these women's lives.

During this period, Tijuana has written 12 screenplays and has produced and starred in 9 of these films. 3 of these films:

In the Name of Love:
An erotic story of a woman's sexual journey through S/M and intimacy.

A story of a woman dealing with sex addiction.

Weight of Tradition:
A social commentary on society through dance, and the contrast between freedom and confinement.

All 3 films have been picked up for distribution in United States and Canada.

At present, Tijuana has completed 5 films which are:

Feast of Souls:
Which is on domestic violence and how dance can heal the soul.

Blue Hearts:
The story of 2 damaged people, a soldier coming back from Afghanistan with PTSD and a prostitute.

The Interrogation:
Is the teaser for the feature Swimming in Vanilla Dreams.

The Corridor:
A film about the battle between good and evil and faith.

The Mute Swan:
Set in 1930's eastern Europe is a story of a young Roma woman's journey to freedom.

Tijuana is in production with Still Roses in Winter which is a story of homeless people fighting for love.

Tijuana is working with a New York-based producer for the feature film Sad Eyes and has lined up for production in 2015 Blind Embrace and Swimming in Vanilla Dreams. Ms. Layne's strengths as an actor and writer is bringing to the forefront powerful, personal stories of importance to the human spirit. Her passion is to create daring films of scope and vision that are both entertaining and thought provoking.

Artist Code: 729


Love Me

2005, 26:00 minutes, colour, English

In the name of love

2004, 09:21 minutes, colour, English