Pierluigi Vecchi

Leah currently lives and works in London, England as an English teacher. She is a multimedia artist, a storyteller and a singer. She is a pioneer of Canadian female web art and has shown internationally. Leah studied Photography at Concordia in Montreal.

Pierluigi was raised in Genoa, Italy and has traveled extensively in Europe but now calls Montreal his home. He studied Studio Arts and Art History at Concordia University where he began working with video and photography. As a multimedia artist he has also been interested in VJing as an alternate mode of raw visual expression.

Leah and Pierluigi met while finishing their Fine Arts degrees at Concordia University. They have been traveling and collaborating on various projects ever since and created in 1999.

Their work is an attempt to transform technology into a sensual experience. Their images have a touch of the mystical and symbolic yet at the same time make us aware of the technological process. Pleasure, identity and transformation are also inherent in their work. Liquids are often employed as a medium because of their fluid properties and relationship to the unconscious.

Artist Code: 732



2003, 03:54 minutes, Colour, English