Dylan Cree

Dylan Cree's previous short films, a package called Perversions: 4 little deaths and vulgar… incomplete ‘n yet whole have screened at various venues and festivals. As well, Dylan has written a number of published pieces ranging from critical reviews for art journals to experimental essays in journals. His most notable essay That forced Unfamiliarity: Momentus Hesitatio was published in the April 2000 issue of "Parallax," a journal of social criticism. His recent video work Of Pornology (minutes of and from a certain conceptual violence) was made to book-end the above mentioned films. Dismissed as a pornographer by the local film community, eventually banned from his home town filmfest (Vancouver Intl. Film Fest) and having gotten nowhere from repeatedly explaining that his works are rooted in Deleuze and Battaille Dylan set Of Pornology into play as the third and final act in his game of imagery and narrative. The piece doesn’t sum up what he’s done so much as, in making acute the trajectory of his aesthetics and analytics, it continues techniques of erasure. At any rate, now other types of projects consume his interest. He is currently in development on his feature-length The Bad Infinity Trilogy.

Artist Code: 739