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20 top docs: The Real Deal: All Time Best

by James Adams, Rick Groen and Liam Lacey

The Globe and Mail, Feb. 28, 2004

The Globe and Mail commishioned 5 review writers to create a top 20 list of documentaries. This article contains summaries of documentaries that date back as far as 1929; the most recent film was produced in 1997.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

ShoahClaude Lanzmann

Grey GardensAlbert Maysles

Harlan CountryDavid Maysles

Man With A Movie CameraBarabara Kopple

Nanook of the NorthDziga Vertov

The Thin Blue LineRobert Flaherty

Titticut FolliesErrol Morris

Don't Look BackFrederick Wiseman

Hearts and MindsD.A Pennebaker

The Mills of the Gods: VietnamPeter Davis

Night and FogBeryl Fox

Triumph of the WillAlain Resnais

Fast, Cheap & Out of ControlLeni Riefenstahl

Jazz on a Summer's DayErrol Morris

Manufacturing ConsentBert Stern

A Married CoupleMark Achbar

WarrendalePeter Wintonick

RainAllan King

Roger and MeJoris Ivens

WoodstockMichael Moore

Michael Wadleigh