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Greasin' Down the Highway: The Making of Fat of the Land: It was a golden opportunity to further champion the cause of lard while raising awareness about a poitical issue.

by Karen Weiner

Video Networks, October/November Fall 1995, pp. 3-5

Karen Weine about the production of Fat of the Land, a documentary about a group of women who, as part of their effort in advocating the use of alternative fuels and local economies, travel from New York to San Francisco in a van that runs on fuel converted from vegetable oil.

ITEM 1995.044 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Fat of the LandNiki Cousino

Fat of the LandSarah Lewison

Fat of the LandJulie Konop

Fat of the LandFlorence Dore

Fat of the LandGina Todus