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Empathy, Mutation, Audience

by Simona Lodi

Tony Oursler, 1998, pp. 11-14

Milano: Edizioni Charta, 1998

This essay looks at a range of Tony Oursler's video installation works. It discusses how the installations represent a simplified system of reality, and serve to investigate the mechanism that links the mass media to the whole range of psychological and social disorders and to the increase in violent crimes. It also looks at his style of transposing organic sensations into an aesthetic object in an attempt to to change the psychic life into external reality.

ITEM 1998.057 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The LonerTony Oursler

Spin OutTony Oursler

EvolTony Oursler

The FlockTony Oursler

Blue/White StateTony Oursler

SubmergedTony Oursler

In/Out Out/InTony Oursler

Talking LightTony Oursler

Bull BallsTony Oursler