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Art-world snowbirds nest in New York: Expatriate artists / A sizable crowd of Canadian creators have set up studio in the Big Apple. If they cannot resist the pull of Metropolis, their hime and native land lives on in their hearts - and in their art.

by Michael Posner

The Globe and Mail, Nov. 29, 1997

Michael Posner writes in relation to the Art Gallery of North York's exhibit New York-North York, about nineteen Canadian artists who have been living and practicing in New York City, including video artist Ardele Lister, painters Karen Davie, Stephen Lack, Denyse Thomasos, Attila Richard Lukacs, Michael Buckland, Jill Henderson, Sydney Drum, Christian Eckart and Susanna Heller, sculptor Monica Townsend, installation artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, as well as mentioning David Rabinowitz, Jessica Stockholder.

ITEM 1997.073 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Conditional LoveArdele Lister

Black Schwanz, Pink Schwanz, As Long as it Catches MiceAttila Richard Lukacs

UnravelledDenyse Thomasos

Marine theatreStephen Lack

Zootrope Painting - Quantum SiteChristian Eckart

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

David Rabinowitz

Michael Buckland

Monica Townsend

Susanna Heller

Sydney Drum

Jill Henderson

Stephen Lack

Karen Davie