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Video Art In Hong Kong

by Michael Goldberg

Video guide, Mar. 1984, v. 6, no. 2, p. 15

Michael Goldberg gives a review of the first Hong Kong International Video Art Exhibition, which took place in 1983. About one third of the exhibition was comprised of works by young local artists, many of whom were showing work for the first time. Videos by renonwed international artists such as Marina Abramovic, Nam June Paik, and Bill Viola were screened alongside the efforts of emerging artists. The exhibition was was an initiative of Zuni Icosahedron, an experimental theatre group from Hong Kong.

ITEM 1984.022 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Video TableJim Shum and Danny Yung

RiverFujiko Nakaya

StarfighterWolf Vostell

Global GrooveNam June Paik

Dom als MediumNam June Paik

Hideo, It's Me, MamaMakio Idemistu

BreathKeigo Yamamoto

Biological CycleKou Nakajumas

AAA...AAAMarina and Ulay Abramovic

Yoko Ono in Japan:Let's Have A DreamKyoko Michishita

LettersShuntaro Tanikawa and Shuji Terayama

The Undistributed MiddleSteve Hawley

Other Fallacies in the Home, We Have Fun Drawing ConclusionsSteve Hawley

Divers, Divers, Can I Have Your Attention, PleaseSteve Hawley

Dickler's WhammyMick Hartney

Dialogue of 2 MonologuesEdward Lam

Every Time We Meet, We Heat Up a Kettle of WaterJacob Wong