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What Is Church?: Rural Churches of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

by Ingrid Jenkner and David Askevold

What Is Church? - Rural Churches of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island, 2001, p. 1

Halifax: Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Art Gallery, 2001

The multi-media documentary installation, What is Church?, produced by David Askevold consists of a large (60 x 216") ink-jet print on canvas mural displaying digitally composed Christian iconography and photographs of the 65 churches visited, a framed ink-jet print on canvas (36 x 48"), a colour video, sound (Bach works for organ) and binders with source images, church brochures and lists of churches visited. Askevolds approach is open and non-linear in visiting and documenting rural churches and is comparable to spending time in an art gallery. What is Church? challenges the idea and belief of what exactly a church is and in doing so also questions what is art? In Askevold's installation it becomes clear that what is explored is more than a place or a building, but an activity and an experience.

ITEM 2001.082 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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