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Thick Skinned

Thick Skinned, 2000

Toronto: Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, 2000

In Thick Skinned, Glynis Humphrey, Suzy Lake and Lisa Deanne Smith use their own skin as both performative site and visual image. In risking their own skin they transform personal insight infused with a feminist consciousness, into acts of defiance and self definition. The works in this exhibition include still prints as well as video and challenge Western European histories regarding the female body as a politicized, problematized and contested site of meaning. Informed by feminist history and theory, but also inspired by personal experience, these works not only criticize and confront female subjectivity but also through using the skin as a medium and as a metaphor they embody the potential for healing, growth, transformation and renewal.

ITEM 2000.079 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

EffacilGlynis Humphrey

Shot TaffetaGlynis Humphrey

Fascia #3Suzy Lake

JusticiaSuzy Lake

Specimen BoxesSuzy Lake

ItchLisa Deanne Smith

Pattern Series (Bed Room)Lisa Deanne Smith