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Machine Life

Machine Life, 2004, p. 3

Kingston / Toronto: Agnes Etherington Art Centre / The Koffler Gallery, 2004

Machine Life explores artists' use of robotics through the work of Norman White and the circle of artists he has taught and influenced throughout the past quarter century. This project examines the aesthetics of interactivity and traces the strategies of the current generation of electronic artists by highlighting the remarkably fruitful set of working methods, attitudes, and ethical positions that constitute the core of Norman White's legacy and influence.

In three (3) essays, this publication traces the tendencies in robotic and interactive electronic art through examination of the motivation and means of White et al., Ihor Holubizky addresses White's early innovations and continuing contributions to the field. Caroline Seck Langill discusses the role of emergence in technology-based art. Jan Allen identifies White's generative methods and effects through a discussion of the works in the exhibition.

Note: A CD-ROM accompanies this exhibition catalogue entitled Machine Life.

ITEM 2004.060 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

First Tighten Up on the DrumsNorman White

Facing Out Laying LowNorman White

Sim TwoNorman White

BellevueNorman White

Goody 4 ShoesNorman White

Low LifeNorman White

MuckydumNorman White

camouflage 2Lois Andison

maid of the mistLois Andison

FranticDoug Back

Wasp #Doug Back

ManualPeter Flemming

TruncatedSimone Jones

TruncatedLance Winn

Adult ContemporaryJeff Mann

n-cha(n)tDavid Rokeby

The Helpless RobotNorman White

Quand MêmeNorman White

DervishNorman White

MénageNorman White

DepartureNorman White

SticksDoug Back

Defective VCRPeter Flemming

LiveFormJeff Mann

The Giver of NamesDavid Rokeby

Sorting DaemonDavid Rokeby