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Seeing Crusading

by Zoe Williams

For his and his diggers: a collection of the past, May 12, 2000, pp. 17-19

Calgary: Truck, 2000

In Kenneth Doren's video installation, Crusading, the television holds a central place of authority. The mystery that surrounds the deconstruction or manipulation and subsequently reconstruction of a familiar form is what he investigates. Manipulation of familiar news media devices subtly leaves viewers reconsidering how we read the news. Despite the controversial content of the piece, Doren works to take and represent a new view or way of seeing that exposes the formal rules and reveals issues beyond literal meaning. Doren strives to create a discrepancy between our preconceived notions of how information should be mediated and the recognition of an insidious cultural disrespect for particular voices. It unravels the making of a media issue and the prescribed use of video, song, voice and music to recreate them.

ITEM 2000.081 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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