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Guy Brett & Deanna Patherbridge

by Guy Brett and Deanna Petherbridge

The Producers: Contemporary Curators in Conversation (2), 2001, pp. 89 - 122

Gatshead: BALTIC, 2001

Transcription of lecture given by guy Brett and Deanna Petherbridge in conversation. The curators discuss issues surrounding intellectual property in curatorship, and the inclusion of the non-artistic - objects or projects carried out by citizens who do not necessarily bare the title of artist - as art in exhibitions.

The roles of the curator and artist, and artist/curator are discussed clearly and with some depth, albeit briefly.

ITEM 2001.085 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Narrow White Flow, 1967/8Hans Haacke

Jesus Rafael Soto


UniverseLen Lye

Mud Machine, 1967David Medalla


PatchworkArpilleras (Women's Collective, Chile, 1976