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by Jim Ellis

For his and his diggers: a collection of the past, 2000, pp. 4-5

Calgary: Truck, 2000

A mini-retrospective of the talented, multi-faceted artist Kenneth Doren. The exhibition displayed works from the three (3) major fields that Doren has worked in. Paintings and posters, video and video installation and musical composition. Doren's vaguely disturbing combination of childlike approaches and adult themes exhibits a playful ignoring and breaking of the rules. Major themes prevalent in his work are death and faith and the connection to technology. Doren and his work embody experimentation, investigation, optimism, collaboration and always joy.

ITEM 2000.082 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

CrusadingKenneth Doren

RavenKenneth Doren

All Night Till Next MorningKenneth Doren

For the love of all at onceKenneth Doren

Winter's fresh kissKenneth Doren

Allegro molto con brio king kongKenneth Doren

ShameKenneth Doren

We Can Barely RememberKenneth Doren

Silent Spring for HannaloreKenneth Doren

Monarchy, Suite for BirthKenneth Doren