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New Wine into Old Bottles: Some Comments on the Early Years of Art Video

by Laura Cottingham

Outer & Inner Space: Pipilotti Rist, Shirin Neshat, Jane & Louise Wilson, and the History of Video Art, 2002, pp. 4-13

Richmond, Virginia: Virginia Mudeum of Fine Art/University of Washington Press, 2002

The article presents a critical survey of the early history of video art, spanning from the early 60's to early 80's. Interesting issues such as the relationship between video and text in the early stage of video art production are analyzed. As well, the emergence of video technology as a militaristic and commercial interests at the aftermath of World War II, and the passage from and differentiation of avant-garde film and video art are also given consistent attention. The author spends quite some time talking about the emergence of video art in connection to women artists engaged in feminist activism.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Sergei Eisenstein

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L.O.V.E. Collective

Nancy Buchanan

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Ardele Lister


In Morning and In Rage (1976)Leslie Labowitz and Suzanne Lacy

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Nun and Deviant (1976)Nancy Angelo and Candace Compton

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The Eternal Frame (1975)Doug Michels (Ant Farm)

The Eternal Frame (1975)Curtis Schreier (Ant Farm)