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Lisa's Long Haul: Artist Lisa Steele talks to Sarah Milroy about the curves in the road from failed waitress to lifetime acheivement award

by Sarah Milroy

The Globe and Mail, Feb. 19, 2005

Lisa Steele was presented the "Long Haul Award" at the Untitled Art Awards for her career in video and visual arts, which spans over 3 decades.

ITEM 2005.004 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The ballad of Dan PeoplesLisa Steele

A very Personal StoryLisa Steele

Birthday Suit - With Scars and DefectsLisa Steele

The Gloria TapesLisa Steele

See EvilLisa Steele and Kim Tomczak

Some Call It Bad LuckLisa Steele

In The DarkLisa Steele and Kim Tomczak

We're Getting Younger All The TimeLisa Steele and Kim Tomczak