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Seeing The Light: Moonstruck: Adam Chodzko illuminates three of his recent works which are out of this world

by Adam Chodzko

The Tate, Summer 1999, no. 18, pp. 34-36

In this article Chodzko talks about the process of putting together three of his recent works in 1999 and the role of light within his films and videos. He also addresses his fascination with the moon as a light source as he describes the filming of his work "Moonstealing", 1996. Chodzko revels in the qualities of light and its abilities to illuminate that which should be invisible. The process of making making the films also becomes important to these themes as he has filmed films in movie theatres and for one project, recorded footage on to the last few minutes of rented video tapes. He explains that this idea of the illegal which is part of the process and further enforces the idea of the invisible in the darkness and "seeing the light".

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