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Vladimir Cybil

by Jerry Philogene

Bomb Magazine, Winter 2005, no. 90

Jerry Philogene talks to Vladimir Cybil about her work and her progression from painting to installation. Within Cybil's process, which she describes as a "painterly fashion of working" she adresses contrasts of the two cultures that she was raised in. These cultures are represented in her work as two different realities as she uses specific cultural objects and materials juxtaposed with in a specific context. Born in Queens, and raised between school in Haiti and summers in New York City she takes imagery from North America and places it within traditional Haitian drawings. Her work contains a dialogue between the two spaces or cultures and creates a visual fluidity conemplating the invention of a new reality. Cybil also talks about the political element within the discussion of and between these two contrasting cultures and says that her approach is one that is personal point of view rather than and objective and political approach.

ITEM 2005.006 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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