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Kantor's art in a revoltionary vein: Marking gallery walls with blood earns noteriety

by Murray Whyte

The Toronto Star, Jan. 4, 2005, p. E5

Police men seem to be present where ever Istvan Kantor is. Originally from Hungary, he moved to Canada in 1997 and is known for his Blood Campaign, in which he draws blood from his own arm and splatters an X on galleries' white walls. He has attempted this act and has been banned several times over but is accpeting of the galleries' prompt rejection of what he intends to be a gift or "his donation to the museums". In January of 2005, to raise money for his trial in Berlin, Kantor performed and displayed video at the Drake Hotel's underground. As well his "Remains of a Revolution" an installation was held at the Art Gallery of York University. Kantor's spontaneous performance, installation and film work has earned its way into recognition as has Kantor received the Govenor Generals' Award for Visual and Media Arts in 2004.

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