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The Curatorial Incubator Round II

by Marty Spellerberg

This publication was produced in conjunction with Vtape's second installment of the Curatorial Incubator.

This article offers a description of Vtape's second Curatorial Incubator program. A brief survey and synopsis for each of the six videos shown is provided.


Introduction, by Lisa Steele

The Ties That Bind: Motherhood and Performance Videos by Ulrike Rosenbach and Mirha-Soliel Ross, by Meredith Dalt

Black Beyond Essentialist Stereotypes, by Reinaldo Jordan

Jennifer Martotek on the inner pairing of Keith Sandborn's Kritik an Reiner's Vernunft (Critique of Reiner's Judgement) and Eduardo Menz's Las Mujeres do Pinochet (Pinochet's Women) by Jenneifer Matotek

Hollywood Remake: A Selection of videos by Laura Parnes and Johanna Householder & b.h. Yael, by Claire Eckert

V-tape Incubator Essay for Gunilla Josephson's Hedda Videos: Strange Brew and Blanca Casas Brullet's Prendas, Aubrey Reeves

Artists' and Curators' Bios


ITEM 2005.074 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

PrendasBianca Casas Brullet

The Hedda Videos: Part 4Gunilla Josephson

The MissionJohanna Householder

The Missionb.h. Yael

Hollywood Inferno, Episode 1Laura Parnes

Las Mujeres de PinochetEduardo Menz

Kritik an Reiner's VernunftKieth Sanborn

Allo Performance!Mirha-Soleil Ross

Einwicklung mit JuliaUlrke Rosenbach