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Spaced Out

by Paul Hithersay

Filmwaves, 2001, v. 15, no. 1, pp. 26-29

Through explanation of his latest work SPACED OUT, and admiration for filmmaker Godfrey Reggio, Paul Hithersay, a video/media artist associated with Addictive Television, a scratch video audiovisual collective, questions the audio/visual marriage in contemporary film/television. He attacks artless narritive-support audio with his vision of non-linear narritive: absorbing an experience rather then following a story.

In their desire to make film and media experience fuller, these VJ artists react by sampling and cliche ripping from visual conventions of film, video, advertizing, cartoons, etc. into a "digital info soup" Rythms, patterns, sensations they create together are the core of the experience. This article shows Hithersay's excitment to a blossoming media form, unlike film, where the visual supports the audio.

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Spaced OutPaul Hithersay

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