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Flirtations with evidence

by Janet A. Kaplan

Art in America, Oct. 2004, v. 92, no. 9, pp. 134-169

Using the conventions of information-based art, Ra'ad questions the reliability of documentation in general. His projects, which take as their theme the protracted political instability of the Middle East, range in tone from satirical to elegiac.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

I Only Wish That I Could WeepWalid Ra'ad

The Missing Lebanese WarsWalid Ra'ad

SeaWalid Ra'ad

Hostage: The Bachar TapesWalid Ra'ad

My Neck is Thinner Than a HairWalid Ra'ad

Already Been in a Lake of FireWalid Ra'ad

Miraculous BeginningsWalid Ra'ad

Walid Raad