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by Sandee Moore

C Magazine, Winter 2005, no. 88, p. 48

While originally intimidated by the risk of appearing ignorant, reviewer Sandee Moore found Jude Norris' one person show incredibly approachable. THe use of non traditional or "non native" materials put into a dialogue of race tensions and conflicts was very effective. Particularly enjoyeable was the piece "The most beautiful things are happening to us." This work is a video sintallation with a banner made of beads, English text and the cree language. It presents two signifiers floating across eachother, one no more priveldging than the other. Moore greatly enjoyed the exhibition and found it inspirining.

ITEM 2005.122 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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White Buffalo Calf Woman AntlerJude Norris

The most Beautiful things are happening to us

Buffalo Basket