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Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan: Performance Art Out and About

by Jennifer Fisher

Caught In the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian Women, 2004, pp. 189-197

Toronto: YYZ Books, 2004

This chapter explores the collaboration between Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan. Their work tackles aspects of gender stereotyping and identity politics through performance and the use of their bodies. Author Jennifer Fisher describes the individual creative pasts of both Dempsey and Millan as a way to provide a full picture of how their collaborations may interact. One consistent feature of their work together includes elaborate and transformative costuming. This is an important component of the theory and politics behind their work as the ‘dress’ is used as a trope for the feminine.

ITEM 2004.102 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Looking Back 3000Shawna Dempsey

Looking Back 3000Lorri Millan

Object/Subject of DesireShawna Dempsey

Object/Subject of DesireLorri Millan

The Thin Skin of NormalShawna Dempsey

The Thin Skin of NormalLorri Millan

Arborite HousedressShawna Dempsey

Arborite HousedressLorri Millan

Plastic BrideShawna Dempsey

Plastic BrideLorri Millan

Growing Up SuiteShawna Dempsey

Growing Up SuiteLorri Millan

The Eaton's CatalogueShawna Dempsey

The Eaton's CatalogueLorri Millan

A Day In the Life of a Bull DykeShawna Dempsey

A Day In the Life of a Bull DykeLorri Millan

We're Talking VulvaShawna Dempsey

We're Talking VulvaLorri Millan

Mary MedusaShawna Dempsey

Mary MedusaLorri Millan

The Short Tale of Little Lezzie BordenShawna Dempsey

The Short Tale of Little Lezzie BordenLorri Millan

Lesbian Love Story of the Lone Ranger and TontoShawna Dempsey

Lesbian Love Story of the Lone Ranger and TontoLorri Millan

Smile GirlShawna Dempsey

Smile GirlLorri Millan

Golden Boy AwardsShawna Dempsey

Golden Boy AwardsLorri Millan

Grocery StoreShawna Dempsey

Grocery StoreLorri Millan

Scent BarShawna Dempsey

Scent BarLorri Millan

Lesbian national Parks and ServicesShawna Dempsey

Lesbian national Parks and ServicesLorri Millan